Are you planning a trip to Garden City, Utah? Well, firstly, you’d better get your rental vehicle sorted and organized. Please be sure to contact our offices and we will be able to set you up with some of the best vehicle rental deals in the state. Secondly, we urge you to discover our beautiful area and stay for a while. There are loads to do in Utah, but you will also be spoilt for choice with some amazing activities right here, in Garden City.

In this post, we will highlight some of the top things that you can do while on your trip to the area. There is definitely something for the whole family!

1. Bear Lake Wildlife Refuge

This one is not located in Garden City, but it won’t take a lot of miles to get there in your snazzy Truth Hertz rental either. If you love bird watching, and you are a nature-lover, making a stop here is an absolute must. You will be able to enjoy viewing multiple bird species that are protected in this refuge, such as nesting water birds and the waterfowl. If you remembered to pack your binoculars you might also see some Canadian geese and white pelicans.

2. Discover the Earth’s Secrets at Minnetonka Cave

Do you love discovering new and interesting sites? this is a perfect activity for the whole family and even only you and your friends. You are able to discover the impressive stalagmites and stalactites at Minnetonka cave while you indulge in spelunking. The cave is situated in Idaho, which means you would have to drive a couple of miles to get there. Not to worry if you have rented one of our vehicles!

3. Go Hiking at Some of the Best Trails

The Bear Lake area offers some of the best hiking and mountain biking trails for nature and adventure lovers alike. Why not get into gear and try out any of these trails while visiting Garden City. Plus, if you rent a car from us, you will be able to reach the destination easily.

4. Blow off Some Steam at Bear Lake West Golf Course

While the wife is out with the kids, why not treat yourself to a good quiet game of golf. If your family also enjoys the game, bring them too! Are you meeting with important clients here? Why not suggest a friendly game of golf after discussing business?

5. Plays at Pickleville Playhouse

If you are puckered after a long day discovering some of the amazing sites in the area, be sure to keep an eye out on what is on show at the Pickleville Playhouse. The theater offers entertainment for young and old, and you will be able to enjoy a wonderful evening with the family and have a scrumptious meal afterward.

We hope you enjoyed our roundup of activities and that we can look forward to welcoming you to Garden City, Utah sometime soon! Remember to get in touch with our team of professional vehicle rental agents and discuss your vehicle rental needs for the best rental options in Utah.

Top 5 Things to Do While Visiting Garden City, Utah