So, you’ve made the decision: you are going to rent a luxury car for the very first time. Whether it is for yourself for a very special occasion, or you want to spoil someone with a special gift, knowing how to go about renting a luxury vehicle is key to making the best decision.

With our list of top tips, you are however in good hands and will be driving away in a luxury car quicker than you may think. In this post, we provide you with top tips on how to go about renting a luxury vehicle for any occasion.

#1 Do the Homework

The best starting point would be to do some research beforehand. Have a look at different vehicle rental companies and choose the top 3 of all those you have found. Then you can either browse their site or give their rental agents a call to discuss your needs. It is best to know exactly what you will be getting yourself into beforehand.

#2 Know the Limitations

The rules of renting a luxury car may differ slightly from one car rental company to the next. Some may even require the driver to be older than 25. This is to ensure drivers are responsible and lowers the company’s risk. Another limitation that might be applicable is mileage you are allowed to drive. A lot of the bigger car rental companies will have a limit of miles you can drive and will charge you an extra fee should you exceed this limit. Be sure to check with your luxury car rental agent what their policies are regarding these limitations.

#3 Identify Your Needs

Needless to say, you would have to know exactly what you are aiming to do with your luxury car rental. If you want to spend a holiday doing a summer trip down the coastline, you will probably enjoy renting a convertible. If, however, you want to rent a luxury vehicle to impress some clients while a night out on the town, something like a limousine or a classic Bentley might be a better option.

#4 Check Out Insurance Options

The majority of car rental companies offering luxury car rental options will be insured for any damaged occurring during the rental period. This is of course on the condition that the driver is also insured. Get your insurance in order and ask the luxury vehicle rental agent what their insurance policies are. It might be a good idea to get a stand-alone excess waiver policy, just to be sure you are covered should the windscreen get a tiny scratch.

#5 Costing Differences

Of course, there will be a difference in price when it comes to different makes and models’ luxury vehicles. For example, if you opt for renting a Ford or an Audi luxury car, you may not pay that much, where if you want or absolutely have to rent a Rolls Royce or Bentley, rental prices could skyrocket. Another thing to consider is when you book and when you book it for – luxury cars are very popular and you may have to book in advance to ensure the car you want will be available for the day you need it.

Now that you are prepared with all you need to know, you should give one of our professional rental agents a call and discuss your luxury car rental needs. Be sure to read this interesting review on the Rolls Royce phantom too.

Luxury Car Rental for First-Timers: Top Tips When Renting a Luxury Car for The First Time