Are you planning a trip and you are not sure how to decide which car you should rent? We understand that it can be somewhat difficult when renting a vehicle for the very first time to choose one that is best suited for your needs. Things usually to take into consideration is space for passengers – how many people will be going on the trip. The next thing would be to consider the terrain and the distance you will be driving. If you are only going to be in a city, renting a smaller car that is economical on fuel usage is probably your best bet.

But don’t let any of these things get you even more stressed out if you plan to hire a luxury vehicle in Florence. Renting a car should never be a taxing exercise, and that is why we are here and why we have decided to come up with this very helpful guide on how you select a rental vehicle.

Tip #1: Identify Your Requirements

This falls with the points we have discussed above. Each trip has its own requirements and purpose, if you are able to distinguish what exactly the car would have to be able to do, choosing a rental becomes much easier. For instance, if you are going on a drive up the mountain, you probably won’t rent a luxury vehicle.

Tip #2: Passengers

The number of people and their space needs will play a significant role in your choice of car rental. If you are traveling with a big group of friends or family, you probably won’t rent a smart car, whereas, if you are traveling for business by yourself, you might just like that.

Tip #3: Nature and Luggage

This is another space issue but is important still. If it is a long road trip that you are planning, you are probably going to need more than enough space for everyone’s luggage. Luckily, the majority of car rental companies will offer you an upgrade option if you find that the car you have chosen is not quite big enough.

Tip #4: Be Willing to Adapt

Even though car rental companies nowadays have very large fleets with a wide variety of vehicles available to rent, you will never be guaranteed that what you ask for is what you will get. You should be willing to make some changes, shop around, and ensure that whatever happens, you will still be able to have a great trip with the best rental for it, even if you plan to rent a convertible in Miami.

Tip #5: Manual or Automatic

Did you know that the majority of car rental companies in the US only offer automatic vehicles for rental? They will however often have a couple of manual models on hand, should the client request or prefer driving a manual car. Be sure to double-check with the company about what options you have before committing.

We trust that this guide will help you with planning your trip and that you will be able to select the best rental car for the job.

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Car Rental 101: 5 Top Tips for Deciding Which Car to Rent